Make Your Own Vaporizer Pen

Looking to make your own home made, DIY vaporizer pen? 

A lot of people out there searching for how to make a light bulb vaporizer, homemade vaporizer, and/or homemade portable vaporizers.


Well, even though we don’t recommend any of these, as you’ll later see why, we are going to satiate your do-it-yourself desires and show you exactly how to make these contraptions – and any home made vaporizer is just that – a contraption.


First let’s start off with the fundamental principle behind vaporizers and why they are used in the first place:


When a temperature of roughly 395 degrees is reached, the dry flower you are using for aromatherapy purposes WILL NOT combust – meaning it will NOT burn.


Rather than smoke, what you get is the vaporized active ingredient. Nice safe water vapor, not dangerous smoke. With me so far? Great.


What makes store-bought vaporizers different than homemade vaporizers? Even with the most basic vaporizer – desktop, portable or vaporizer pen – they are set to reach the “sweet spot” of 385-395 degrees rather quickly – even the non-digital vaporizers! – and when you make a homemade vaporizer using a light bulb or a home made vaporizer pen using an empty pen and a empty perfume sample bottle or eyedropper – you are not automatically going to achieve these results.

However, you can still “eyeball” it and make sure you get vapor and not smoke, but you have to be careful.

Either way, if you decide that $79 is too much to fork over for a good, basic dry flower style vape pen, and you don’t mind looking like a crackhead, by all means follow these following instructions for “how to make your own portable vaporizer” below:



Make your own vaporizer pen step 1Step 1: Get a bic disposable ball point pen and remove the writing part, meaning the ink tube, and the point that actually writes.





Make your own vaporizer pen step 2Step 2: Add a carb hole using a nail, knife, scissors, or anything else you can place a small hole in the side of the pen body with.






Make your own vaporizer pen step 3Step 3: Get a small glass tube – eyedropper, medicine dropper, empty perfume sample bottle, anything that is small, glass and fits snuggly on the end of the pen will work.




Make Your Own Vaporizer Pen Step 4You might have to chew the end of the plastic pen to get it to loosen up enough for the glass medicine dropper to fit properly. Stay classy.






Home Made Vaporizer Pen - FinishedStep 4: Here’s the white trash looking part. At this point place your aromatherapy flower (or concentrate) into the tube. Slowly add heat by way of a lighter or any other acceptable heat source and be careful to not actually touch the flame to the glass. Look for the vapor to start evaporation inside the tube, and enjoy. Be careful to not actually let the product burn.


For those still unconvinced, we went ahead and made this video showing how exactly.


Vape’em if ya got ’em I guess.



So asking everyone would you be willing to use this type of homemade vaporizer pen, or would you rather buy one?

Mary j. Blaze

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